Wood Fence in Omaha and Lincoln

When you think of a classic American Midwestern home, the image of a “house with a white picket fence” often comes to mind. Wood fencing is extremely cost-effective and one of the most popular types of fences due to wood’s versatility.


Are you wanting to create a cozy, country-style feeling for your Omaha home, even if you are located in the middle of a busy urban area? Try one of our cedar picket fences. Are you are farmer on the outskirts of Lincoln searching for a fence to surround your crops? Try a simple split rail fence. Want to keep those pesky rabbits out of your garden? Try one of our many decorative garden fence options. Quality Fence is Omaha’s trusted fence contractor that can assist you in designing a customized, creative, and functional wood fence. Enhance the privacy and appearance of your home or commercial property in the Lincoln and Omaha areas with high-quality fencing products and speedy installation from Quality Fence.

Find Your Perfect Wood Fence

Quality Fence has an extensive array of wood fence panels to choose from so you can find the most fitting and attractive design to match your home. A wood privacy fence can be a great way to keep your pets and children safe, while also allowing for visibility from the outside. At Quality Fence, we will help you decide how far apart you would like your fence posts and fence rails to be, giving you a choice of how much of your property you want to remain visible.

Omaha neighborhoods have many different styles of homes, so designing a fence that does not clash with your home or those around you can be a challenge. Wood fencing is the easiest type of fence to customize color and style. Quality Fence will make wood fence designs exactly to your specifications and at the most affordable cost! Wood fences are extremely durable, making them able to withstand the unpredictable Omaha and Lincoln area weather. Our cedar fences are easy to maintain and get even better with time as the wood matures, like a fine wine.

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Contact Quality Fence now and see how we can transform your property with a wood fence today. We know that with our top-of-the-line cedar products, portfolio of wood fence panel designs, and quick and easy installation, you will be the talk of the neighborhood!


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