6 foot board on boardNew Fence in Omaha and Lincoln, NE

Quality Fence builds premier, high-quality fences in the Omaha area. We can install all types of fencing for either your Omaha home or commercial property. A new fence has many benefits to your home or business complex. To your home, it brings a higher level of security and privacy to your property. For your business, a new fence with an electric gate will bring another level of security and bring a pristine look to your business.

Fence for Your Home

Quality Fence’s new fences let people know where your property begins, prevents people from encroaching onto their property, and keeps pets and children safe. Apart from security, depending on the type of fence, it allows you to have more privacy as well. For instance, a six-foot wood privacy fence or vinyl fence would prevent people from being able to see what is going on in your yard. If you don’t care as much about having complete privacy, perhaps a four-foot chain-link fence or wood picket fence would be the best option for your backyard. Fencing doesn’t have to enclose your property, it just provides more security, privacy and safety to your home and family.

Here at Quality Fence, we offer a variety of new fencing options:

New Chain-link Fence: A chain-link fence is a very common and affordable fence for homeowners’ yards. They also make a great fence for surrounding a baseball field or other commercial property. They are a very durable fence that will last for years without giving way to the elements. New chain link fences also require little to no maintenance. This type of a new fence is effective at keeping kids, dogs, or other pets in, while keeping other unwanted animals out.

New Wood Fence: A wood fence is another common fence used in residential areas. There are typically two types of new wood fences that get used. There is the taller, six-foot wood privacy fence which provides safety for your kids and pets, while also preventing people from being able to look in on you and your family. Another common type of new wood fencing is a picket fence. Now you don’t need to have a white picket fence if you don’t want to as we offer a variety of different picket fencing options. Picket fencing allows you to keep kids and pets in, while simultaneously allow you to socialize with your friendly neighbors.

New Vinyl Fence: A new vinyl fence is light, durable and can be customized. A vinyl fence can be tall for heightened privacy or can be built to look like a picket fence. Vinyl fencing is unique in the fact that it is versatile. No matter what you need your fence for, it can more than likely do it.

New Ornamental Fence: Despite the name, ornamental fences are not just for decoration. A new ornamental fence can be one of the strongest types of fences as well as one of the most expensive fences. New ornamental fences are typically made of iron, meaning they are a VERY strong, durable fence. The ornamental fence is one of the most secure types of new fencing on the market. Ornamental fencing is not only good at keeping people and animals out of your yard, while also improving curb appeal.

New Fencing for Your Business

Quality Fence offers the highest quality of commercial fencing on the market. Businesses usually get a new fence for one or more of three reasons. security, privacy, and appearance. A new fence for your commercial property may be the best solution for keeping unwanted visitors and solicitors off your property. Quality Fence can install a new chain link or ornamental fence for your commercial property at an affordable price. We also can install gate openers.

If you need a new fence for either your Omaha home’s backyard or your commercial property, you can contact Quality Fence Today. We install high-quality, durable fences for an affordable rate. Whether you want an ornamental fence, chain-link fence, vinyl fence, or wood fence, Quality Fence has the fence for you.