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For businesses considering a commercial fence, there may be more options than expected. Companies not only want to keep their grounds secure, but they want it to be aesthetically pleasing as well.

Fencing companies like About Quality Fence have followed suit, providing numerous fencing options for business and facility owners. To be able to consider all the variables, we’re going to spell out the types of fencing available for commercial properties.

Chain Link Fencing

This is a classic style of fencing. This option is ideal for almost any type of business seeking security. It’s a durable type of fencing that comes in different size links and height options, offering a versatile fencing style. Chain link fences may not be the most pleasing choice to the eye, but there are additional types such as black chain link fence and vinyl-coated chain link fence for those wanting security and curb appeal.

High Security Fencing

Some businesses require fencing with higher security. Security fencing, equipped with automatic gates, can secure areas where chain link cannot. Think anywhere from prison yards to zoos. To read more about security fencing, check out a previous blog on why your business needs a security fence.

Ornamental Fencing

Ornamental fencing is more decorative, combining charm with function. High quality fence material such as wrought iron fences and aluminum fencing fall under this category, giving you a wide selection of good looking fences. Using ornamental fencing can also greatly increase your property’s value.

Privacy Fence

A privacy fence can offer exactly what it says—privacy. If you have an area behind your business that you’d like to keep your business, privacy fencing is the way to go. A wood privacy fence is often what most think of first, but vinyl fencing is also an option and can be easier to maintain.

Acoustic Fence

Acoustic fences can help keep in or out the noise. If your business s near a busy highway or train tracks, it may be beneficial to install an acoustic fence. It may also be ideal for outside venues that support concerts, weddings or other events.

What Commercial Fence Style Should You Choose?

Your business, its style, and your location can all be determining factors to the type of fence you need. To design the right type of fence for your business, contact About Quality Fencing today. We’re the right choice when it comes to fence design and installation in Omaha.

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